Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Every time I think my fitness has improved, I see the PT and I realise I am no where near as fit as I thought I was. Which is a good thing, except for the pain :S

Last night I was doing sprints and boxing. There was three cones on the ground, I had to start by lying on my stomach then quickly getting up and sprinting to the first cone then back on the ground and then up and sprinting to the second cone. I had to do all three cones like this and then either 40 uppercuts, 40 sraight punches or 40 up high punches, all speed. I had to do this set four times. By the end the urge to throw up was pretty strong. LOL.

I also had to do Ab work. 15 crunches, 20 flutters and 20 heel touches three times. Done inbetween the 2-3rd set of sprints/boxing and at the end of the spints/boxing.

Today I am so very, very sore!
Tonight we are going to start training for the 10km fun run. Starting with a 5km track, a combination of jogging/walking. Hopefully more jogging than walking will be done. I know I can jog for 2kms straight, but in training apparently its about making the distance fully, not about pushing yourself until you have to walk the rest because you're so tired.

Fun times. Take Care,
megs x

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