Thursday, March 17, 2011

No pain - no gain!

I almost didnt go to the gym tonight. I asked S to go in on his way home from work and tell the trainer I wouldnt be there but of course he forgot *eye roll* so I took it as a sign that I needed to go.

I surprised one of my trainers tonight. I had done a 10min warm up on the rower, 15 minutes of sprints on the bike and 10 minutes of ab work and then to "cool down" I jumped on the treaddy and despite being knackered I managed to jog 1km in 9 minutes.

Why? No pain, no gain!
I am not talking about pushing through injuries, because that isnt always advisable and a proper health professional's opinion should be sought when you are injured. But I need stamina if I am going to jog 10kms in 8 months.

My calves started to hurt first and then I got the stich I get every.single.time I bloody jog, then the lungs started to burn and I had salty sweat in my eyes and I was grunting but I did it.

Because no pain = no gain. And because I am determined to be better than yesterday!

Take care,
Megs xx

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