Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Strength training..

Oh god, I am sore as.

As part of the Michelle Bridges 12 wbt you need to alternate between cardio and strength. I showed my PT the strength workout tonight and she reckons we could work harder, and work harder we did.

We did a circuit which included the use of a bar with weights. I did 15 chest presses, 15 squats with the bar on my shoulders, 15 bent standing rows, 20 squats with a dumbell to my chest. I did this four times with a weight of 15kgs on the bar and a 5kg dumbell for the squats.

I then did intervals on the rowing machine. Basically I had to row slowly and then do 30 seconds of hard push rowing where the power needed to be above 50. Normally on the rower a casual row for me is around 25-30, so 50 is a bloody hard slog.

I am feeling good though. I have my 12 wbt weigh in tomorrow, so I will come back and report on the results. I dont have my ww weigh in till saturday, which is my main weigh in :)

Take Care,
Megs xx


  1. yay!

    I miss having someone push me like that, need to get back to bootcamp!

  2. I'm tired just reading all that lol.

  3. LOL.

    It does feel good. Although my shoulders were very, very sore the next day. Because I enjoy being crazy, I even did the circut again today. :P