Saturday, December 10, 2011


One issue with falling off the bandwagon is that when you try and jump back on it, you get the cravings from the wrong side of life. My biggest craving has been chips, hot chips, specifically from hungry jacks. I love their veggie burger and chips. Yesterday I had a really massive day at work, it was great but just very tiring. I am learning new things and it has really wiped me out. I knew I had today off so I came home and had a nap. During the day I had eaten some naughty stuff as there was a party and I allowed myself a treat. I wasnt really hungry so S and I decided to have a cook your own night. I spent about 1/2 an hour after waking up debating if I wouldnt bother and just go and have hungry jacks for dinner. I had a treat (or several, damm rocky road slice) that day and I was craving the sugar, I KNEW I was craving the sugar. The problem with giving into your cravings is that as soon as you have finished, the feeling of remorse smacks you up the side of your head and you wish x 1000 that you had just chose the healthier option. Finally I got up off the computer and stood in front of the fridge. I had all the healthy options I needed in there and with a sigh I ended up making myself a roll, multigrain, avocado, light cheese, egg and mustard and I had a small packet of Sakata's as dessert. I immediately felt like I have conquered the insurmountable, so because I was refreshed after a nap and because I knew I was headed in the right direction I went to the gym. I didnt get there till 8.30pm, but thankfully my gym is a 24hr one and I was able to spend as much time as I liked. I warmed up on the rower, 5 mins and then did a lovely 5k jog. So much for my plan to take the running easier, I was just so happy to be running along that I kept going and going. This morning my ITB is sore, but so very worth it. I finished off with a 5min cycle on the bike and I was done :) Happy times. This is the Meighan I have come to know!

Take care,
Megs xx

Friday, December 9, 2011

A new mindset, a new program...

I think we all get tired. Tired of trying to make the right choices and be the best version of yourself. Since I moved and since I started to have a busier lifestyle, I became tired. I sort of let myself go. My fitness, my motivation and I embraced an old lifestyle that, to be honest, I was scared would come back. I joined ww again, which I blogged about but after a week I was really over it. I have done ww, sometimes sucessfully, sometimes not. I just feel like I need a fresh start, I need to look at my lifestyle now and how I can improve on that. I needed someone to aspire to, someone who has faced similar struggles and thats how I came across Amy. Amy is an exceptionally insprational person. I cannot express how awesome she is. Her blog is She started at 190kgs and is now down to 95kgs. Honestly I cannot describe what an absolute inspiration she is for me. So I started to really go through her blog and see what is was that worked for her. And thats when I came across the biggest loser website. I know the TV show, I dont think there are many people out there who dont. The website is . I started to read what others had said and then I thought, is it really going to hurt to try? So I decided to give ww a miss, and try the biggest loser online weight loss club. After doing all the standard data entry, I decided to print off their shopping list. Now I am probably not going to make the same meals as them, but then I thought, well if I have the same food in the house I can make my own versions. S was really amazed at what was in the fridge, it was bursting, but with healthy foods. Even if I dont eat their meals, I can still track my calorie intake with my daily diary. I also get exercise goals for the week. Exercise has been my main concern at the moment, I am so tired. Full time work is absolutely flogging me, so instead of trying to fight with my body and because I am still fighting my leg/running injury, I have decided to exercise more conservately. My main exercise atm has been walking the dogs, with the odd gym session thrown in, mainly when I am on days off. Its not my most hearty effort, but I am trying not to beat myself up and just let my body do what it needs to do atm.

I am down to 101kgs again which I am really happy with. Which means a 20.4kg loss again. So Ill just keep plugging away.

Take Care,
Megs xx

Monday, December 5, 2011

Where has my mojo gone?

The love of running, the 90min gym sessions, eating well, thinking positive.

Have you seen it?