Sunday, June 26, 2011

What a run....

After my very impressive hissy fit on Thursday afternoon where I swore I would never run again, I balked and headed out this morning. I went prepared though, I had taken Buscopan (anti spasmodic) and magnesium the night before and in the morning and I made sure I had three glasses of water before I left the house. I didnt have breakfast, I just had one strawberry to ward off any hunger pangs. I also made sure I took a bottle of water in my bum bag and a phone and S promised he would have the phone near him in case I needed him urgently.

Well after all of that, I had a blissful run. I went out at around 7.45am, the sun was shining and there was a cool breeze in the air. It started off great, I just felt this easy while running and felt happy and comfortable as I was going. I didnt feel like I was exerting myself too much. I basically did a full lap of town, which in total was around 7kms and I did it in 1hr and 3mins, an improvement of my 6.5km time of 1hr and 1min. There were lots of birds out, especially ducks and some kangaroos and people walking their dogs. It was just a happy morning. My average pace was 9minutes a km, which isnt my fastest but on a long run I am looking at distance rather than speed. I just felt like I was on this incredible high after it and it really reinforced how much I love running. Its not about telling myself I can do it, or pushing my body. Its the freedom of running, the way in which your body glides and moves and you're out in the open with nothing but space and the pounding of your own feet (although I do listen to music). You pass people and smile and nod and you just keep going. Its a really pleasant feeling.

I had to go to Rockhampton this afternoon for three nights (three and half hour drive from my place) but I will be back home and hopefully try a 5k on Thursday morning. If not, then I am def heading out for another long sunday run. You know, I almost didnt go either, now I am so glad I did :-)
Take Care,
Megs x

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