Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The best of you..

Something I have noticed when I train is it really brings out the best in you. I was having a very lazy day today, exams are over and I literally did sweet f all - oh except for take the dogs for a walk and play with them. I slept in till 9am, didnt have a shower till 10.30am and just plodded around the house. It was great. Then tonight I decided to hit a circuit class, I had no itention of particualy pushing myself, it was more just to keep up my promise for the holidays which was that I had to do two forms of exercise a day, for six days. Holidays really are my best guilt free exercise time.

Well, in I go. And then its on. We had weights after weights, focusing mainly on upper body. We did pistol punches where you punch above your shoulder with weights, then we layed on one of those half ball boards and did the same movement lying down while pushing our pelvis up, then there was ab crunches, there was seated rows on a ball, punching bag punches except we used handweights as the resistance, skipping, a exercise where you had to sit your knees on a bench, bend forward and touch the ground and then push yourself up and down (kinda like a handstand), then there was side crunches with a medicine ball, then push ups, then the plank and finally to wrap it all up there was a squat with a kettle bell then you had to pull it up to your chest and then squat again. Phew, I am tired just writing about it all. It went 50 second sets, 45 seconds and then 30 seconds. We had the option to stop after round one and two, but I decided I really did have another set in me so I did the three. My arms are feeling it, so I am sure I am going to be feeling it tomorrow.

What I loved about it all was how my body just kept going. I didnt stop, I probably made some seriously unattractive faces but I just kept pushing. Thats the thing about the best of each of us, when it comes down to it, we have that inner strength. We can do it. While we were going, the PT and my friend E said "keep going, its not your body saying you can't do it, its your mind". And its so true. So many times we hold back because we think, well no I cant do that. Its actually one of the reasons that when i run I dont set a certain distance I want to go, I just start jogging and as I am going I make a new path and then at the end see how far I have gone. I know if I say, well tomorrow I am going to do 6k, my mind will wake up with me being sore, or tired, or lazy. Sometimes you just have to get out there and keep going until someone says you can stop - then you realise just how far you have come :-)

Take care,
Megs x

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