Friday, June 24, 2011

I quit running last night...

I had a terrible run yesterday afternoon. I went out around 4pm and it started off poorly, I felt it was really hard to breathe and my lungs were burning. Then about 1-1.5kms into my 5k I got the WORST stomach cramp of my life. I needed a bathroom STAT. And I mean STAT. So here I am standing on the footpath, at least 4kms from home and I had no way of getting home quickly. So I did the most embarassing thing of my life, I went and knocked on a strangers door - I explained that I felt sick and needed a bathroom and that I was so sorry but could they help. This poor person is now my hero, because they obliged even though they must have felt more severly awkward than I did. So after this, I gave them my most sincerest thanks and off I went. Except about another k later I needed to go again, not as urgent and thankfully I was near a public toilet this time, but again I had to stop and wait. After I had been to the bathroom a second time, I felt drained. I was obviously considerably dehydrated by this stage and mortified. I was cursing S because at one stage I asked to borrow a shop keepers phone so I could ring him and he could come and get me but of course he wasn't answering - I thought of all the mean things I was going to say to him when I got home. I walked for the next 500/600m's, opting to take a shorter route home. Then I ran the last km. It was a very slow shuffle and would have taken me around 10 minutes, but I kept saying to myself, well this is when you would normally give up - the old you would have had enough and walked home, head hung in shame. I made it home without another urgent bathroom trip, but I stormed through the house slamming doors. I told S he was a jerk and never there when I needed him (very untrue) and I yelled that I was giving up running. Clearly my body is rejecting it and I was done. I kicked my beautiful new running shoes across the room. I went to bed at 7.30pm, miserable and sad after comforting eating four profitoe rolls and packet of chips and fell into a massive sleep.
This morning I woke up and things seemed a little brighter. I decided to do some research on why it happens and maybe what I can do to prevent it. I found this really useful website.
I looked at a few other websites and they all seem to say the same thing. When I read over it, the two times I have had this issue (I have had it once before, but managed to make it to a public toilet) I was running in the afternoon, I had eaten all my normal meals that day (which included some dairy/lactose products), I had some sort of caffine and it had been about 2-2.5hrs since I ate. So it looks like I will become an early morning runner, I said to S today (once I had calmed down and apologised) that I thought maybe it was because I had a full stomach and it jiggled it out, which according to what I have read, thats not such a far fetched idea. I mean, they said it a bit more technically but the theory is the same. So, on Sunday when I try again, I am heading out in the morning, after I have drunk two glasses of water and will see how I go. I am taking my phone with me this time though and told S he better be near his to answer otherwise he is going to be very sorry :-)

On other news, not bowel related. I lost 900gms this week.

New Stats:
Sw: 121.3
Cw: 102.2
Ltd: 19.1
mini goal: 100
Overall goal: 80

Pretty exciting to be 900gms away from a 20kg loss. I also lost 5cms, taking my total cm loss to 91cm since the 5th Feb :-)

Best head to bed, was up at 4.30am for work and I am beat. Take Care,
Megs xx

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