Sunday, June 19, 2011

Where does sick fit in?

I am sick. Its a head cold, so nothing too dramatic, but I am not a very good patient. Part of being a nurse I spose, you tend to be a healer not wanting to be healed. Luckily S is looking after me very well, I have been given ice cream and lemonade and lots of cuddles. Even though I really am very, very annoying and apparenty snoring very loud.

So where does fitness creep in when you're sick. For me it doesn't. When the worst hits my theory is that you buckle down the hatches, enjoy your time warm in bed and with the TV and ride out the worst of it. When you can walk without feeling like you're dying then you go to the gym and do some light weights, when you can breathe again you try a bit of cardio and then when you're ready it will be all waiting like you never left. Atm I am in the bed phase, I have a temp, a cough, a blocked nose and am very, very tired and achey. Who knows what tomorrow will bring however. I know some people try and push through it, but I am of the firm belief that if you give your body a couple of days of TLC then you will heal quicker and therefore be able to train harder sooner. Although it is hard. Tonight S and I drove to the dump to drop off some garden mess (I had to get out of the house) and I saw people out jogging and I was so jealous.

On other news, I had my weigh in post holidays. I put on 300gms which is a god damm miracle. I really thought it was going to be more.

New stats:

Sw: 121.3
Cw: 103.1
ltw: +.03
ltd: -18.2
mini goal: 100
Overall goal: 80

I am back up into the 103's, which is annoying. It feels like I have sat around this mark for weeks now, but thats the choices I have made so no point complaining about it. Hopefully next time I report in Ill have moved to the second part of my recovery - the light weights phase.

Night all,
Megs x

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