Friday, June 3, 2011

A new weigh in day...

I have decided to shift my weigh in day to Fridays. Mainly because S and I like to go out for dinner on a Friday night and I dont want to have to worry so much about being bloated for my weigh in the next day. Probably a bit of a catch 22, I may overindulge, but it also allows me to have a glass of wine of two and not worry. So I did my weigh in today and I lost 400gms in the six days since my last weigh in. Not spectacular, but still a loss is significantly better than gaining. Its womanly time here, so I am retaining water like a camel which I know factors in, but as I am typing this I am wondering why I am making excuses about losing 400gms. I am HAPPY, its all adding up and regardless of any extrinsic factors I am losing weight which is a good thing. I also lost 3.5cm taking my total loss to 87cm; getting closer and closer to that 100cm/1m mark.

New Stats:
Sw: 121.3
Cw: 103
Ltw: -0.4
Ltd: 18.3
mini goal: 100kgs
overall goal: 85kgs

Its nice to have cracked the 18kg mark, and moving up to an 18.3kgs loss has seen me move halfway to my overall goal. I have exactly 18kgs left to reach 85kgs. I am optimistic that it will happen this year, but if it doesn't, then I will continue on until it does. No running been happening my way, actually not much of any exercise the last two days except walking the dogs. In my long run on Wednesday I put a little too much pressure on my left calf so I have been letting it rest, it is almost completely pain free now, so I am having a small gym session tomorrow doing weights and then I am going to head out with the aim to do 5kms on Sunday morning.

Tomorrow I am heading out to see if I can find some compression tights. There is a mixed consensus about the use of them, but this blog post here gives an excellent discription of their use and the different kinds. I am leaning towards ones with knee support, I have noticed as my distances have increased, so has some slight tenderness in my knees, nothing spectacular and I suspect that its attributed to a) the extra weight I am carrying (although trying very hard to get rid of) and b) running form, including weaker muscles surrounding my knee and ankle joints which I need to start addressing with weights training. I thought about a knee gaurd, but from what I can gather, the tights reduce inflammation (reduction in circulation of blood in these areas from the compression) and can ease muscle cramps - so a little more extensive than just a plain knee gaurd.

I am also in discussions with Dh about new shoes, I just dont feel like I am getting the support from my joggers that I should. I have both asics and nike and neither are doing it for me. The nike feels too constricted when I run and the asics dont feel like they have enough pronate support. We shall see, I dont know what I want which makes it harder to argue my case. :-)

Everyone else is sleeping, so I should probably hit the hay as well,
Take Care,
Megs x

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