Saturday, July 2, 2011

Back on the wagon..

I was away at the begining of the week and ate ALOT of pasta. A spinach, pumpkin and ricotta ravioli in camembert sauce. You can just imagine it. It was delicious, but far to much. To top it off I was sitting on my butt for three days straight. I managed a 5k treadmill run on Tuesday afternoon, but mostly I was doing alot of butt sitting.

When I got home on Wednesday night I really felt flat. Thursday was a bust and Friday I was working. On top of that I got my periods. I decided to book in to see my PT friend E and get my booty back into it. I havent been doing my PT sessions, more running, but I think I need more of a balance between the two. This morning S and I took the dogs for a walk, we tackled the middlemount hill which is a 1k incline of torture. It was a great walk, 6kms in total once we walked to the hill, up the hill and then home. The doggies really enjoyed it. Then tonight I saw E and we focused on upper body weights. Was nice to see I havent really lost shape despite not doing as many weights.

Tomorrow I plan to do a small 5k run and then I am heading out for dinner, but I am going to be a bit more concious in what I am eating. No weigh in this week because of my periods - they tend to muck up what my actual loss is.

Night all,
Megs x

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