Sunday, June 5, 2011

Another day..

I was having a pretty flat weekend this weekend. I didnt really feel up to exercising much, I was more wandering around the house studying and eating. I felt pretty disgusting, so this afternoon I decided I needed to get out before I started to go insane. I have found that I need to exercise, in some form, everyday. There is very rarely a day where I dont feel like doing something, be it walk the dogs, hit the gym, go for a run, play a game of tennis. S and I were nitpicking at each other as well, so I said Ill go to the gym and you take the dogs for a walk and when we come back, no more bickering. And it worked.

I decided to jump on the treaddy and do some speed work, I jogged for 20 minutes at 8mins per km - thats a nice increase for me. At my best I have done 8.15-8.30mins/km and I can usually only maintain it for around a km and then I manage to psych myself out a little. Well this time I managed to do 2.5kms and then I slowed down to around 9mins a km and increased the elevation and simulated the last 0.5kms going up a hill. Not sure which was harder to be honest :-) All up I only did 3kms, but I wasnt looking for a long run today - more just something to keep my form and not let me slack off too much. On Tuesday once I am offically on uni holidays I am going to do a 5km run and see how my time is going and then probably on thursday I am going to try and do another long run. I go away on Saturday for a week and I am not sure how much running I am going to get in, so I am going to try and fit in a little more this week.

Ahhh, exam tomorrow so more study to do.
Megs x

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