Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Time to stop and take stock..

I am officially half walf in my weight loss. 18.3kgs are gone and I have 18kgs left. I have been thinking alot about this today and a message from a friend really got me thinking? I originally set my goal weight at 90kgs, it would have put me just under the obese catergory and then I thought, no I want to be well and truly under a BMI of 30 so I decided to drop it to 85kgs - now I am wondering.

I have decided to adjust my goal once again - this time to 80kgs. It was take my BMI to around 27.5 which is still in the overweight range but I feel like this would be a good result for me. I have a letter sitting in my drawer, its for me when I reached a weight I had picked - I originally thought it was 85kgs but I got it out this afternoon and I realised it was 80kgs. That letter has been sitting there for 18months, unopened. There is no way on this earth its going to stay like that :-)

Take Care,
Megs x

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