Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Bit of time between posting these days. In some ways its quite symbolic of how I have been feeling about my overall fitness and the time I have invested into it. But I do have some updates so I shall share those and spend some time rambling about my lack of motivation at the end.

1) I cracked the 20kg loss mark last week. Was a nice feeling. But I was a little despondant, thinking well I still have a long way to go. Halfway is where I am sitting atm and it was nice but I didnt feel what I was expecting.

2) I also had my first fun run. I never made it to townsville, some other stuff came up and we couldnt make the trip. I did go in the Middkemount fun run, went in the 5k run. I did a PB time of 39mins 10seconds. It was a bit of a weird run, I had some pants issues and my bum bag was annoying me and I was so paranoid about comming last that I went out too fast and ended up feeling like death when I finished. My first km was like 6mins 30 seconds which was way to fast for what I could comfortably maintained. I also did come last in my group, 8th out of 8th and it bugged me. All this little things and I just fell flat.

As for the motivation. Well really I dont know whats been happening with me. I have had gut issues and am having an endoscopy on the 30th August They are looking for an ulcer, bacteria or a spasming gall bladder. I have also been working mon-fri and studying and I have lost my mojo. I feel sad and I am having nightmares. I could give you a list as long as my arm and I wish this blog post was more upbeat but its funny I just dont have the energy. I was looking at my running log and there is a signifcant drop in the amount I have been running.

And now all this talk of lack of motivation has me down, so I am going to sign off.

Megs x

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