Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I can still run..

Well seeing as I signed up to do the 5k fun run this weekend, I decided I should probably check to make sure I can still run :-D. Thankfully, I can. I did 5.2kms yesterday morning in 46minutes. Not my quickest run, but I havent run in two weeks since I got sick so I am feeling really positive about it. I am hoping to get out for a run tomorrow morning also, its my day off tomorrow and the plan is to do another run tomorrow and the have Fri/Sat without any sort of exercise (bar taking the dogs for a walk) to make sure I am completely rested for Sunday morning. This kind of idea is based on the concept of tapering, however I am not sure how applicable it is to smaller runs like a 5k. Basically tapering is that within the month before you do your competition run, you reduce the amount you run each week, and ideally in the week before you run 50-60% less than you normally would. It gives your muscles time to rest and rejuvinate, without you completely losing your form. Next week I will not do as many runs, possibly one or two in preparation, as this week I will have done a total of 15kms, which will be enough to prepare me for the following Sunday at Townsville.

I have to admit, the nerves are starting a little. As small in comparison as the fun run this week will be, I am feeling quite nervous and excited at the prospect. Just knowing I will have ran in and finished a fun run is beyond describable.

But back to reality, today I have to go to work and tomorrow I will try for another run.

Take Care,

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