Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weigh in..

Another week, another weigh in.
I lost 200gms this week. Not a huge loss, but I am going for the slow and steady mind set at the moment. Its a little frustrating, especially considering how close I am sitting to being under 100kgs but I am determined to keep a better outlook on things at the moment. These past few weeks have been so busy, and its made me start to think more outside the box on how I am going to manage once I move away from studying and back into a full time job and where exercise and making healthy eating choices will come in.

For example, I work in my paid job on a Friday. Its 1.5hrs away (one way) so I have to get up at 4am and leave the house by 4.30am to be at the first place by 6am. On Friday I literally jumped out of bed, into the shower, wolfed down some breakfast and hit the road. I forgot to pack a museli bar or any fruit to keep me going because as you can imagine by the time 7/7.30am rolls around I am ready for some more food. So instead, I had half a slice of banana bread (shared with someone), I had two coffees (one with a double shot), and because I was running late I didnt have time to stop somewhere and order lunch that would need to be cooked or made (sandwhich etc) so I tried to work out what from maccas would result in the same amount of calories I eat at lunch and is vegetarian = so that equaled a med fries. Except, a med fries meant I was hungry early and still on the road so I had limited choices again. But, I am not in the habit of shoulda, woulda, coulda. So now I have a plan to make sure I make food the night before and have it ready to go as I race out the door. Its all a learning process in the end and if I knew everything then I wouldnt still be 20kgs overweight.

I also, as I typed, entered a new race. The Central Coast 10k fun run. Its on the 27th November and I am determined to do a PB in this one. I never made it to Townsville much to my disappointment, this stuff happening at home made it impossible to go, but this one I WILL be a part of and I WILL finish.

New Stats:
Sw: 121.3
Cw: 101.1
Ltw: -.02
Ltd: 20.2kgs
Mini goal: 100
Overall goal: 80

Best be off, Take Care,
Megs xx

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