Saturday, May 7, 2011

Where have I been?

Looking back over my blog I came to realise that I have been MIA for a month. I have to say, working, prac and uni left me little time to come back and update on my musings. I also look back and can see that my last weigh in written down was 105.2, unfortunately I have only lost another 500gms on top of that amount taking me to 104.7kgs. Hard to believe really in that time I have only lost that much, but I did plateau out for two weeks and this week I had a 500gm gain. However, I do feel alot better now and I am home for good, so I can start to refocus my energy. I am heading home in 5 weeks and I would really, really like to be under 100kgs when I go home.

New stats:
Sw: 121.3
Cw: 104.7
Lost since last updated: 0.5kgs
Ltd: 16.6kgs
mini goal: 100kgs
overall goal: 88kgs.

Cm loss to date is 68cm!!

I have to say, that little pain I had in my leg turned out to be quite serious. I compressed my piraformus muscle which in turn has pinched a nerve. I have been battling with it for a month now, but finally went to the physio and hopefully I am on the mend.
In order to feel like I am back on the wagon (training the mind = training the body) I went to boot camp this morning. Was an intense 45 minutes and I was limited because I am not allowed to jog atm but the instructor and friend E gave me some alternatives to do so I still got a good workout. I did lunges with weights, medicine ball slams, held a weight plate above my head and walked around the basket ball court, lifted a tyre (with the help of S), did side squats, and two other leg exercises which are hard to explain. I had to do the circuit twice.
I am getting sick atm, can feel it in my bones LOL but hopefully a days rest will see me back on track. I am a determined woman!

Take Care,
Megs xx

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