Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My moment..

I have commited. Not been comitted, but commited to completing my first competition run. I am partcipating in the townsville running festival and I will be doing the 5k run. It says its a fun run/walk, but there wont be any walking from me - unless I break something and then it might be a crawl. I was so excited. I conteplated entering for the 10k run, but its on August 7th which is a around 10 weeks from now and I know that whilst I may get to the 10k's in that time, I may not be running at a pace I would be happy to compete with. Also, when you have competition runs planned you have to do something called tapering. Basically this means in the 2-4weeks pre run you need to reduce the amount you run to conserve energy and reduce the likelihood of injuries and strain occuring in this time. It sounds weird right? I mean you would almost expect this to be the most cruicial part of training, the preparation but in fact its probably around the time where you will run the least.

I headed to the gym this morning - decided I wanted to do some speed work so I went and streched my piraformus out on the foam roller and then I did 20 minutes on the treadmill trying different speeds and inclines. Basically I did 30seconds at 9, then had a 30 sec rest, then I did 1 minute at incline six and speed 6.5 simulating running up a hill then I would have a minute rest and start again. I have to say the hill work really got my heart rate up which was great :-) I then did some weights, some lunges, medicine ball slams (which are a great stress relief although make alot of noise on the concrete gym floor tee hee) and some crunches. I then topped it off with some time on the bike. I burnt 440 calories in 60 minutes which isnt too bad. In terms of calorie burning, I find that running gives me the most success. Its unusual for me to do a run that burns less than 520 calories.

I might be a bit quiet over the next week. I have exams comming up. only two but two pretty intense exams. Although it may be a nice distraction (or procrastination) to spend some time blogging!
Take Care,
Megs x

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