Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Overcomming an injury...

One of the hardest challenges I have had since starting this journey has learning to rest when I have injured myself.

I blogged about my piraformus injury which has seen me sidelined from jogging for six weeks. It was hard, especially when I felt like I just *needed to* go jogging. I was still able to exercise, but not jog which was really quite devestating. Well after seeing the physio, doing my exercises and being a good girl (mostly, I may have done the occasional 1km to keep my form) I went for my first proper road jog this morning. I went 3.7kms in 35 minutes. I had a route planned and wanted to see how many Km's it was all up, was actually shorter than I had prepared myself for, so on Sunday when I go again I am going to extend it out a little further and that should help me hit the 4k mark.

I am also going to go to bootcamp on Saturday morning. S and I really enjoyed that (as much as you can enjoy sweating your ass off at 8am on a Saturday morning). It will be our second one! I love how much time has changed S and I. Before, our ritual on a Sat morning was to walk down to the local cafe, have a breakfast which comprised of french toast, ice cream and chocolate syrup - now our mornings together are based around exercise and we make a nice breakfast when we get home. Like scrambled eggs on toast or low fat pancakes, all half the size of that single breakfast!

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