Sunday, September 18, 2011

A better day....

I didnt get up for my early long run like I had planned. I was asleep until 9am and then it was too hot and I was too tired! I know, I know. Instead I cleaned the house, took the doggies for a lovely walk and a visit to their doggie friends and had a nap. This afternoon I woke up feeling much better. My head felt less foggy and I felt like I wanted to go for a run.
I decided I would try for 3km. I struggle with afternoon runs as they seem to upset my stomach, I now know to make sure there are toilet stops along the way. This afternoon however I hit the 2.5km mark and I felt good, I was setting a good pace, 8.30 first km and 8.20 second km. So I decided to spread my distance out. I ended up doing 5.1km in total, with an average pace of 8mins30seconds and I did the 5k in 42mins28secs. It was great.

I have logged 20.4kms this week which is great. I really want to run 20+ kms a week in preparation for my half. My food hasnt been fantastic this weekend, S and I were talking about ice cream on the phone and I was craving one something shocking, but I used the money to get a DVD instead and am making a protein based muslei and strawberry yoghurt for dessert instead. Baby steps :-)

Take care,
Megs xx

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