Monday, September 12, 2011

Mixing it up..

I decided to head to a circuit class tonight. I took the dogs for a 40min walk first, I then came home, got changed and headed to the gym. I warmed up by doing a 20min jog, maintaining a 8.34min/km pace, I then jumped off and did an intense 30 min circuit class which included holding a squat position leaning against the wall, jumping squats, crunches, squats holding a bar above your head, star jumps, burpees, push ups with a squat in between and this exercise where you laid down and threw a medicine ball up and then caught it. It was hard, I was knackered, but felt really good at the end. I came home and loaded up my dinner plate with vegies including brussel sprouts, brocoli, peas, beans, zuchini, potato and some vegie tofu bites. I have to say, today I felt good despite having an awful nights sleep.

I also decided to participate in a fun run a week before my half. But its not your average fun run;

Its going to be all kinds of awesome, I cannot wait!

Take care,
Megs x

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