Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Where have you been Meighan?

Where have you been?

You havent been out there, busy losing weight, because last time you checked you were actually a kg heavier than the last time you were in here.
You havent been out training, because last time I looked there was no dirt on your shoes or sweaty gym towels in the car.
You havent been out making healthy food choices, because there are take away wrappers in the car and in the bin.

So, where have you been?

10kgs seems to be the place where I lose myself. Happened at the first 10kgs and happened again when I hit 20kgs lost. I stop, think, woweeee I am happy and fine and ready to relax.
But what I have to accept, what I have to get through my mind, is that I can never relax. Each day is about finding new ways to incorporate health and fitness into my life. Its not about reaching 20kgs lost and thinking, oh well I am good now, Ill eat that extra dessert or I'll have a second helping. That is teaching me nothing, getting me nowhere.

I have had a busy month, Ill give myself that. We moved back to the city, I got a new full time job, I got sick and I got injured. But really, so what? Does that mean I am allowed to eat a tub of ice cream, have hungry jacks for dinner and skip a workout session. Well, no, not really. Actually, no not at all.

Tonight I was catching up on a blog (and a lady) that really inspires me. Her name is Amy and she has lost 95kgs. Her story makes me want to cry, cheer and laugh at the same time. You can read her blog here: http://aim-to-change.blogspot.com/
After reading it, I decided I am going to set myself a goal. I am going to weigh in this saturday morning, and exactly one month from this date I am going to be under 100kgs. I dont care if I have to lose 100gms or 3kgs, I will be under this number in one month. No if',s but's, or maybe's. I know I can do it, running injury be dammed, time poor be dammed and mind me dammed. Its time to move it!

Take care,
Megs x

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  1. Hi Megs - I've been following your blog on and off for a while now :) Love reading your ups and downs. One of the biggest tools I've used in my weight loss journey (19.5 kgs since June) - is to weigh myself EVERY day. And write it down. I have a calendar in the bathroom & jot down my weight. I don't care about the number I am today - but I care about how it compares to what the number was a week, or two weeks ago. My biggest downfall before I started doing this was when I weighed in weekly or fortnightly - I"d see a kg go on, and think 'Oh - that's OK - I can lose that next week" Well - next week would come, and there would be an extra kilo. The same mantra would come out.....I can deal with that next week. Before I knew it, there was 10...15......By weighing in daily - I can see where I've had my binges & remind myself that I need to get back on track right now - that I can't put it off for another week.
    This might not be useful at all to you, & I understand if you think this method has no value for your goals :)