Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Last night S and I went out to dinner with a group of his co-workers. Was an awesome evening, although it proved to me how easily, in group settings, I can revert back to old eating behaviours.
We went to a restaurant in town that specialises in pasta, pizza's and ribs. I am a vegetarian, so the ribs didnt appeal but the table (group of 10) ordered about six pizzas and I had my own special cheese pizza made up. Now, the rest of the table was more than welcome to share, but no one else really saw the appeal of a plain cheese pizza (shocking I know LOL) so I ended up having it to myself. Well suffice to say, of a family sized 8 sliced pizza, I managed to consume 5 peices, S had 1 and there were 2 left over (which I made S take to work today). I also had on top of that three peices of garlic bread and a chocolate milkshake. I managed to go 40 odd points over my daily allowance for weight watchers.
At the time, I recognised that I was full, but being in that environment just made it so easy to overindulge. On the menu I had the option of a greek salad (feta cheese, lettuce, tomato etc) which would have been the much safer option but who wants to eat a salad when everyone else is eating pizza? Oh I forgot they also brought out hot chips, which I ate AFTER the pizza.

I have come a long way since I started weight watchers (nov 2009) but this has proved me I am certainly not finished learning. Alot of what I understand is about portion control and accepting when your body is full, not eating for company's sake. I took the dogs for a walk this morning and this afternoon I have my first boxercise class (yay) but I feel like there will be repercussions of my splurge come weigh in time.

But this post isnt about critism of myself or punishment. Its about understanding me better.

Megs xx

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