Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boxercise and fatigue.

For the last week and a half I havent felt quite like myself. Ive been suffering with constant fatigue, nausea and headaches. I got my booty to the Doctor today and he has ordered some tests. He thinks the culprit might be iron related which is possible. I have a terrible history with menstrating, it started when I was 8/9 and has been pretty much relentless ever since. Alot of people think it vegetarian living = low iron, but if done properly it doesnt have to. I understand my good sources of iron including green leafy vegetables (which I eat quite a bit of) and eggs. I am happy to say in my three years of being vegetarian I have never had iron issues. This, I fear, is related to such a quick and significant increase in exercise. I should know by next tuesday what the results are.

On Wednesday night I had my first boxercise class. It. was. brutal. My arms felt like they were sandbags, I had sweat comming from every single pore, I felt like I wanted to throw up and I felt, well to be honest incredibly silly. I kind of felt like I had stepped into the middle of a dancefloor and everyone knew the song and the moves except me. But, I am not a quitter. So S and I are both going on monday night and until I feel a bit more comfortable he is comming along for moral support. Usually I dont ask this, I am a pretty outgoing and bubbly person. I managed my PT sessions without him (actually I prefer to be by myself) and I go to the gym by myself, but I feel intimidated in this group and would appreciate the friendly face. I did however, enjoy it on a physical level. My body loved the challenged and both the leader and one of the ladies attending commented on how I had quite a good technique.

Weigh in on saturday. It will be interesting to see the results after my splurge :)

Megs xx

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