Friday, February 11, 2011


I am addicted.

I asked my personal trainer after our session yesterday if she would teach me how to box if I bought some gloves, the wonderful woman said yes and actually she is quite partial to boxing herself :)
I needed a new pair of joggers because my old ones had died, so I headed off to Emerald today and got a very groovy pink pair of Everlast boxing gloves, which happily match the pink on my new asics cross trainers LOL. I am, after all, a girl.

At the session she had me doing one, two, PUNCH and one -two, one -two. I also had to box over her head and do upercuts in the squatting position. Then we worked on the bag where I alternated between punching from the top of the bag down to the bottom as quickly as I could and then doing squats or lunges and doing the one, two, side punch and then crunches.

I work my ass off in these sessions, but TBH I have never felt so good. I love it. During it, my whole body is screaming at me, but that feeling once you stop is seriously awesome.

Weigh in tomorrow :)

Megs xx

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