Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I have had a terrible day today.
I did something I have not done for a long time and that was gorge myself to the point of sickness, all because I believed I was unable to control myself from eating.
In the space of 40 minutes I ate:
- 3/4 of a packet of Shapes Sensations.
- 2 cheese/mayo sandwhiches.
- 1/3 of a half cooked brownie cake 9was a bit soft in the centre)

I am so ashamed and devestated. I literally feel sick to my stomach. And quite anxious. What I would like to do is crawl into a hole and feel sorry for myself, until tomorrow when the nausea wont be there. But I cannot. Instead I have changed into my sportswear and I am going to go to my boxercise class as planned. I did this, so I MUST undo this.

Megs xx


  1. Its one day my love

    tomorroow is a fresh one, full of new things

    stop beating yourself up, its done, you got it covered