Sunday, February 6, 2011



I have the beginings of becoming a gym addict. I went 4/7 days last week, after getting my ass totally kicked by a personal trainer on the Monday. This week my goal is to go 5/7 days with a second PT session on Wednesday. I feel really great (albeit exhausted) after I go and on the weekend I missed it. S kept reminding me not to overdo it and that my body needed time to heal, but there are people out there who go 7/7 days a week, so five cant be that bad, right?

I got a membership this morning as well; for six months. So my goal is to see how much weight and centimetres I can lose before the 7th August, which is when my renewal is due. I start the Michelle Bridges 12WBT on the 21st of Feb, so hopefully that will give me a boost!

Also, as part of Michelle's program I need to write down my commitment and share it; so www my commitment is:
'To become a healthier and happier version of myself. Free from excuses and apathy'.

I need to go shower now ;)
Megs xx

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