Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Measure up!

Its late, the dogs are sleeping and the cats are hunting through the house finding imaginary (or perhaps my eyesight isnt good enough) things on the walls and ceiling. I cant sleep, its been a long few months for my family and I. Alot of sadness and missing some family members who are very dear to us. S went to bed a long time ago, I love watching him sleep. He twitches and I know he is dreaming even if he cant remember it. He also has this smell, I cant describe it, but when he is alseep its all I can smell, it fills the whole room and it feels so comforting. His deep breaths and his smell and his little twitches every now and again make me thankful that I have him in my life and that he has become such a strong part of my family. He reminds me alot of my mum actually, quiet and thoughtful, it takes alot to make them angry. They see reason in situations when the rest of us just want to yell the house down. Maybe thats why being around him is so comforting.

But I digress. Last night I finally bought my first tape measure. So I decided to measure myself and report on the results. I wont be doing it weekly, I am thinking more like monthly, I dont think weekly I will see much difference.
So, results are:
Bust - 120.5cm
Waist - 122cm
Hips - 130.5cm
Thigh - 75cm
Arm - 39cm

According to the Autograph (plus size) clothing chart I am a size 18 in my bust and hips but I am a size 24 in my waist. This would very much explain why I can get pants to go over my legs but no do up! I am going to talk to my PT tomorrow and see what she can recommend, I know you cant spot reduce, but thats a massive difference in sizes between two areas of my body!

On other notes, I made a very yummy tomato soup today (masterchef here I come) but when I was moving the soup from the pot to the blender I burnt my wrist. Very, very painful! I have a lovely spot on my wrist to show for it now as well. On a brighter note, the soup was yum!

Night all,
Megs xx

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