Sunday, July 3, 2011

A new PB.

I just love PB's. They bring a fresh and vibrant prospective of how awesome the body really is. Today I decided to do a treadmill run, in the afternoon, instead of my run this morning. Well, I did 5km in 39 minutes, 4.5minutes quicker than my last 5k on Tuesday and into the time bracket I am aiming for, for the Townsville 5k.

It was hard. I really had to flog my poor legs and they werent particuarly appreciative. I sweated and grunted but I got there. And it felt good. I feel like I have pushed through a new barrier. Last month I was flat, uninspired and just doing what I knew I had to do to maintain my weight loss. This month I feel like I am ready to give it my all again. Starting with a PT sesh tomorrow morning :)

Night all,
megs xx

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