Friday, July 22, 2011

Impromptu run...

I have been terribly, terrible in updating this blog of late. I have been sick, as well as completely overwhelmed with work and study and life in general. Sad to say that in this time not much training has happened, or much weight loss. The sickness really threw a curve ball in there and has made me feel physically weak, a sensation I havent felt for a long time.
About three weeks ago however, I saw a tiny little advert in our towns newsletter. It was a save the date. It was for a fun run, not much detail, just that there would be one on the 31st July, and you could do either 10 or 5k runs or a 5k walk. I was excited, a fun run in MY town - which is a mining town and not overly sporty at the moment with FIFO work becomming more dominant. So the next week I hung out for more detail but the tiny little ad had gone. This week, I was very excited to see it back in there, with more detail. Its run by the local sports association and its a fun run to raise money to finish the fitness walking paths around town. I had noticed in the last 3 odd months that more paths were being put in around town, I had no idea that the sports association were paying for them. Being sick the last week, I didnt even know if I would make the townsville run which is two weeks away, but when I got a registration form with my catalogues this afternoon I just KNEW I had to enter. So enter I will. I will be doing the 5k run, I am excited and nervous. Nervous I wont finish, nervous I will come last and nervous everyone will think I am fraud and not really a runner. But you know what, I am going to enter anway, because its important to me and it will be excellent training for the townsville 5k, which is a more serious competition.
So here I am, with a registration filled out for my second fun run and alot of nervous hope in my heart. Hopefully its a good day :-)

Take Care,
Megs x

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