Monday, February 13, 2012

Shaking things up...

When I first joined the biggest loser online club you got to pick the level of weight loss you wanted per week and that equaled the amount of calories that you would be given to eat. I choose to try and stick to as close to what I would be eating at my goal weight, which in hindsight wasnt a very good idea. I'll admit, one of my biggest fears is being hungry, I dont know why, I have never been in a situation where I havent had access to food (financially or environmentally). Yet, I have this mindset where I would rather have as much food as I can possibly eat so that I dont have that feeling of hunger. So intially, based on my basal metabolic rate, my job and the type of program I wanted they gave me 2300 calories a day. I was cheering, I could eat that, no worries and I wouldnt be hungry. Problem is when you have such a high limit, when you go over it you have very little wiggle room. I am very good at rationalising poor food choices out in my mind and I would have extra in the guise that I would compensate with exercise, but in those weeks I wasnt exercising as hard, because of factors I have mentioned before (new job, new town etc). This combination has seen me really stall, I put on those few extra pesky kg's over christmas and was starting to become really frustrated that  my weight wasnt doing anything, I was also starting to get that bloated look which is quite common when I eat alot of heavy foods like bread.
Friday is now my weigh in day and on Saturday I began my new calorie adjustment, I brought it right down to 1600cals. Thats still above the minimum 1200cals for women, but more realistic in kickstarting the weight loss. The first day went really well, I did have "hunger" feelings, but nothing more than a sensation that if I ate it would be because I was hungry and not because I had to use up my calories. Interestingly enough, my food choices were more concious as well, I had this smaller limit and I was reaching for fruit as snacks, rather than savory items which I am quite partial too. I had to weigh in this morning for the 1million kg challenge and I have lost 400gms in three days, I am VERY excited by this. I have also done two good workouts so far and even though I have been tired, I have made progress to recommitting to keeping up my fitness levels. I have always said I want to be fit more than I want to be skinny :)

Stay Tuned,
Megs x

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