Saturday, February 4, 2012

Chocolate, pasta and bread.

The three dreaded carb words in the weight loss world. I have a different take on them. Tonight for instance, I made a pasta dish, but the difference I find is not using a heavy pre made tomato or cheese base sauce and instead use lighter ingredients. For instance, tonights pasta dish was small macaroni pasta, cooked in vegetable stock, with peas, tomatoes and topped with a small dash of parmesan cheese. It was delicious. The vegetable stock gave the pasta a little flavour and the combination of tomato and peas was actually quite yum.

I really do believe in everything in moderation. So if I have a chocolate, then I cant have anything else sweet and higher in calories for the rest of the day, so cue the fruit and fresh vegies for dinner. Depriving myself of chocolate, well it doesnt work because then its all I can think about. I may even have a little bit of chocolate every day, it really does help keep the cravings at bay. Its the same with coke, I love real coke, so I buy the small 200ml cans and I am allowed one a day, I dont have one every day, but knowing that its not off limits means I dont crave or even want it every day. So next time you reach for the chocolate, I say have some. Dont overindulge, have enough to satisfy your cravings and then make sure you look at healthy options for the rest of the day. I count calories, and I know for me I can have a treat and stay within my calories.

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