Friday, December 9, 2011

A new mindset, a new program...

I think we all get tired. Tired of trying to make the right choices and be the best version of yourself. Since I moved and since I started to have a busier lifestyle, I became tired. I sort of let myself go. My fitness, my motivation and I embraced an old lifestyle that, to be honest, I was scared would come back. I joined ww again, which I blogged about but after a week I was really over it. I have done ww, sometimes sucessfully, sometimes not. I just feel like I need a fresh start, I need to look at my lifestyle now and how I can improve on that. I needed someone to aspire to, someone who has faced similar struggles and thats how I came across Amy. Amy is an exceptionally insprational person. I cannot express how awesome she is. Her blog is She started at 190kgs and is now down to 95kgs. Honestly I cannot describe what an absolute inspiration she is for me. So I started to really go through her blog and see what is was that worked for her. And thats when I came across the biggest loser website. I know the TV show, I dont think there are many people out there who dont. The website is . I started to read what others had said and then I thought, is it really going to hurt to try? So I decided to give ww a miss, and try the biggest loser online weight loss club. After doing all the standard data entry, I decided to print off their shopping list. Now I am probably not going to make the same meals as them, but then I thought, well if I have the same food in the house I can make my own versions. S was really amazed at what was in the fridge, it was bursting, but with healthy foods. Even if I dont eat their meals, I can still track my calorie intake with my daily diary. I also get exercise goals for the week. Exercise has been my main concern at the moment, I am so tired. Full time work is absolutely flogging me, so instead of trying to fight with my body and because I am still fighting my leg/running injury, I have decided to exercise more conservately. My main exercise atm has been walking the dogs, with the odd gym session thrown in, mainly when I am on days off. Its not my most hearty effort, but I am trying not to beat myself up and just let my body do what it needs to do atm.

I am down to 101kgs again which I am really happy with. Which means a 20.4kg loss again. So Ill just keep plugging away.

Take Care,
Megs xx

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